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10 things to look for in a moving company

April 20, 2023

What are the most important things to look for in a moving company? If you are relocating to Tucson AZ during the move, your moving company will be your best friend. So it is very important to choose the right moving company to help you with your relocation. Today, there are literally thousands of moving companies that you can find over the internet. But how to know which one is the right one for you? Moving companies provide a vast variety of services, so the first you need to know which services you will need. After you make a moving plan you will know what you will need to do. And you will have a clearer picture of the services you will need. Then you can start searching for the right moving company for you. Of course, most importantly you will need to find an honest and reliable moving company.

Planning your move

Before you start searching for the right moving company you will need a moving plan. When you make a plan you will know what you will need to do. If you are relocating in Tucson AZ you will need moving and storage Tucson AZ. When you are planning to move abroad you will need services of international movers. Maybe you have a piano that has to be moved. Start searching for piano movers.

Notepad - Plan your move by finding the things to look for in a moving company
Before searching for things to look for in a moving company make a moving plan.

In any case, it would be good if you could hire movers specialized for the type of services you will need. But before you hire a moving company you need to check their credentials and reliability. There are many fraudulent and careless movers around and you want to avoid doing business with them.

Here are 10 things to look for when hiring a moving company.

If you decided to hire local movers Tucson AZ it is very important to check their reliability. The moving company that you hire will be responsible for all of your belongings during a move. So you need to make sure that they take their business seriously and that they are not some kind of frauds. And there are ways to do that.

  • One of the things to look for in a moving company is the number of available services.
  • Check their online reviews on the internet.
  • Ask for their licenses and insurance.
  • Check how long that moving company has been in business.
  • Ask for their references.
  • Find their statistics
  • Their staff should be polite and professional.
  • See if their employees have gone through some special training.
  • Check what kind of moving equipment they use.
  • Do they have an available personal moving coordinator?

Available services

A number of available services can be a good indicator when you are checking the reliability of a moving company. It tells you a lot about the size of their business and their seriousness. So if they offer a vast variety of services it is a good indicator that they take their business seriously.

Check their reviews

There are many places on the internet where you can find good information about the moving company you are interested in hiring. Check if their site has a review section, but that is not the most reliable source because they could easily manipulate reviews if they want. It is better to check them on websites that are specialized in reviewing moving companies. Search for MovingScam.com, Better Business Bureau, Black Listed Movers. Moving.com also has a large section with moving reviews, so keep that in mind too.

License and insurance

Every moving company should own proper licenses and insurance. Moving companies that perform interstate relocations should have a federal license issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA).

Moving company should have a license
They should show you their license

And you can check your company’s US DOT license number on their website. Furthermore, you should check if the company has insurance. And see if they are a part of some moving association like the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA).

Moving company age

Check how long have they been in business. Of course, there can be new and prosperous companies that could be very good. But if the company is in business for a long time that has to mean something, right?

References are important things to look for in a moving company

Ask the moving company to provide you with at least three contacts of persons that were moving with them in the last year. Previous customer experiences can be very informative and useful. Of course, don’t take everything for granted. Some fraudulent moving companies could provide you with false references, so you need to check them as well.


See if you can use the internet to find the statistics of a moving company you plan to hire. If not you could ask the company to give it to you. Find statistics of at least three moving companies that you are considering so you can compare them. That should give you a pretty good picture of their businesses.

Professional staff

Their staff should be professional and courteous. After making the first contact you will immediately make an impression. They should answer the phone with the full company name and give you the attention and patience you deserve as a customer.

Trained staff

Check if you can find a company with well-trained staff. They should be specially trained for lifting heavy objects, packing, or dealing with valuable objects.


See what their trucks and other moving equipment look like. A respectable and reliable moving company should own properly maintained vehicles. Their trucks don’t have to be new, but they have to be in good condition and properly maintained.

Moving trucks in good condition and well maintained
Moving trucks should be properly maintained

You don’t want some old dirty truck that could break down at any point to be transporting your belongings.

A personal assistant is among the things to look for in a moving company

A respectable moving company should provide you with your personal account manager and moving coordinator. They will be at your service at all times and should provide you with a precise moving quotes Arizona and information about your move. Don’t hire a company that doesn’t give you a precise estimate.

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