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Important things to consider before moving your piano

April 20, 2023

Moving is difficult no matter how many things you have to pack and transport. However, everything gets a little more complicated when you have some special items that are fragile and need extra care. An example of those things are musical instruments. Packing and moving musical instruments can be a real challenge. Sure, you can find some moving boxes Tucson AZ that are free and can be useful when packing. But unfortunately, you can’t use these boxes to pack a piano. Moving a piano requires special care and a little bit of research. You definitely can’t move the piano on your own. Before you start the relocation process, here are some things to consider before moving your piano.

Things to consider before moving your piano: hiring professional movers

A close up black and white photo of upright piano.
You want your piano to stay intact and damage-free. That’s why something you should consider before moving your piano is getting some professional movers.

Looking at different moving companies in Tucson AZ is a great first step in your relocation. Whether you have a piano or not, professional movers will definitely be helpful. If you’re inexperienced in moving, professional help is always good. When you do have a piano that you want to move, you don’t really have much choice. The piano is your prized possession, it’s expensive, big and fragile. You want to transport your instrument properly, and the way to do that is to hire some professionals. They have experience in this field and they will know how to properly handle the instrument. So, professional help is one of the things to consider before moving your piano.

Things to consider before moving your piano: Do you have enough space?

Piano in a living room behind a tan chair. Among the things to consider before moving your piano is if your new place has enough room for it.
Before you move your piano, consider the amount of space it takes up and if your new place has that much room.

Pianos are among the biggest instruments you can own and so they are among the most complicated instruments to pack and move. Of course, getting piano movers to help you out it a great idea. However, before you move your piano, think about how much space the piano takes up. Is your new house big enough to fit a piano? In which room can you fit the piano? If you are moving to a smaller space, maybe you should consider getting a storage unit where you could safely store your piano. Make sure to protect your instrument in storage, though.

Putting your piano in a storage unit

In case your new home simply doesn’t have enough room for your piano, there’s a solution for you. It’s understandable that you don’t want to get rid of your piano forever and give it away. If that’s the case, a thing you should consider before moving your piano is putting it in storage. If you decide to put your piano in a storage unit, there are some things you can do to make sure it’s safe.

  • Clean your piano thoroughly before storing it away.
  • Don’t place the piano directly on the ground. Keep it on a rug, for example.
  • Keep it on its feet, don’t try to turn it on its side.
  • Wrap the piano legs into plastic bags or some cloths.
  • It’s very important that you keep your piano covered in the storage unit. That way your piano will be protected from any damage.
  • Choose the storage unit wisely. Make sure it’s not too humid and try to get one that’s climate controlled. Also, try to find a storage unit that is safe and has security systems and 24-hour surveillance. You don’t want someone to break into the storage unit.

Prepare the piano for the move

Before the movers get to your place, you want to prepare your piano for the move. The first thing to do before the movers come over is to let them know what type of a piano they will be handling. This is important because the moving procedure depends on the shape, weight and size of your piano. If you can, remove the piano legs off of your grand piano and keep them separated during the move. That’s a way for your piano to be more stable in the truck. It also makes the piano lighter and easier to handle.

Brown upright piano
Before the piano movers arrive, tell them what type of piano they will be handling. Also, prepare the piano for the move with a few simple steps.

You probably want your instrument to arrive at your new home damage-free. In that case, something you want to consider before you move the piano is covering it up. Before the movers pull up in front of your house, you want to cover your piano with a blanket or sheet of some sort. This way your piano won’t get scratched, stained or damaged during the transportation.

Moving the piano

So, before you move your piano, there are some things to think about. Moving such a big and valuable item is a little bit more difficult, but it’s not impossible. If you decide to go for piano movers, the relocation will definitely run more smoothly and it will be less stressful for you. Putting this into the hands of the pros will save you the trouble of learning how to do it yourself. However, if you want to move the piano on your own, you’ll need the help of at least three more people.

Once you’ve decided how you’re going to move your piano, the actual transportation can begin. Among all the things to consider before moving your piano, it’s most important to make sure your piano is safe during the entire process. Do everything you can to ensure that your musical instrument will be safe both during transportation and in its new home. Whether it will be stored in your home or a storage unit, remember to take good care of it. When the piano is set up in its new home, you can have it tuned and start playing.

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